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American Driving Academy Inc. is the number one choice when looking to be taught by the most comprehensive driving school in the United States. We have taught tens of thousands of students to be safe, successful drivers. We have been in business for over 17 years. 

At American Driving Academy Inc. we are committed to bringing our customers the best drivers education programs in Aurora, Pueblo, and Colorado Springs, all at competitive rates. It is important to us to help create safe drives and to save lives. The number one cause of death in children is household accidents. The number one cause of death in teens is automobile accidents. Studies show the majority of students completing driver’s education have fewer tickets and accidents, resulting in a savings of insurance premiums as well as lives. 

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High Quality Driver Education Programs

We are very proud of our high quality drivers education programs, available in Aurora, Pueblo, and Colorado Springs. We offer an array of courses, depending on your state. We offer home study courses, defensive driving courses, traffic school classes, third party testing, and traditional driver’s education courses all at extremely competitive prices.

Flexible Locations and Dates

We hold classes at most area high schools and all the driver training takes place in one of our dual controlled cars. Our program consists of 30 hours of classroom instruction (6 hours in some states) and 12 hours of behind the wheel instruction. 6 of the 12 hours the student drives and 6 hours the student observes. Students can take the state written permit test and the actual state driving exam in our program. 

Home Study Options

We are also very excited about our home study courses. Depending upon your state, our students can do a full home study course (both classroom and driving instruction) or they can do the classroom portion at home and do the driver training portion of the course with one of our instructors in one of our dual controlled cars. In the near future our students will even be able to do classroom courses on line. All of our home study students are always welcome to attend any of the classes that are in session.

Qualify For Insurance Discounts

Because American teaches the most comprehensive and highest quality classes, our program qualifies students for hundreds of dollars in insurance reductions with most all insurance companies. The amount can be as much as 20% per year in savings for students who have successfully completed our course.


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