Driving School Lessons - Aurora BTW Lessons (6 HR) at American Driving Academy

Aurora BTW Lessons (6 HR)

Price: $420.00

Do you need to learn to drive? 

Learn to drive with one of our state approved and regulated, patient, friendly, instructors. Each lesson is done in one of our dual controlled cars and each lesson is 2 hours long. We charge $70 per hour and teach everything from first learning how to move a car to parallel parking and highway driving.  We will also make sure that you are prepared and feel confident if you also plan on taking the driver’s license test.



Many companies offer discounts to individuals (usually under 18 years old) who complete 6 hours of driving with an instructor. When you finish your third lesson, you will receive from us an insurance certificate that you can show your insurance company to see what discounts apply. Many of our students have saved hundreds of dollars on auto-insurance. 

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