Driver Education Program

Get licensed early and be safer on the road

American Driving Academy offers the Driver Education Program throughout Aurora/Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo. The Driver Education Program allows learner drivers to meet the requirement for an Instruction Permit at age 15 and a Driving License at age 16. This is a comprehensive program which includes the 30-hour Course, Permit Test and 6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel Driving Lessons. 

You can read more about how the Driver Education Program enables students to get their license sooner here

Program Components

30 Hour Class

We offer Saturday and Sunday classes as well as week long classes. In these classes students learn about traffic rules and regulations, defensive driving, alcohol and drug usage, and many other important topics that relate to driving. 

Permit Test

Students will be given the permit test on the 4th week of class if they meet the requirements described below. Students will be given up to 4 permit tests.  If the student does not meet a requirement to take the test, they are welcome to take the test with us when the requirements are met.

6 Hours of Behind the Wheel Driving Lessons

Students will be given three 2-hour long lessons.  These lessons will be with one of our state approved and regulated, patient, friendly, instructors.  Each lesson is done in one of our dual controlled cars. 

Program Entry Requirements

Students must be aged 14 years and 6 months to partake in the program

Program Benefits

By learning to drive sooner, students can be safer on the road for years to come. Insurance companies may also recognize the benefit of instructional courses - They may offer discounts on premiums for young drivers who have graduated from driving school. Those who participate in American Driving School don’t need to visit the DMV for their permit or license, as testing is done by certified driving instructors on-site.

Enroll Now

Location Price Enroll Now
Aurora Driver Education Program $495 Enroll
Colorado Springs Driver Education Program $455 Enroll
Pueblo Driver Education Program $435 Enroll

Instruction Permit

When you can get it: Age 15 to 16 years old

Requirements: Need to complete a 30 hour driver education course. Your child may attend our classes as early as 14 years and 6 months in order to meet the requirement to get their permit at the age of 15.

Drivers License

When  you can get it: Age 16 years old

Requirements: Must hold the instruction permit for a full 12 months from the date of issue Log 50 hours on the log sheet (10 hours need to be done at night). Six hours of behind the wheel training is required up to 16 years and 6 months, unless the person lives over 30 miles from a full time driver education school.

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